CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge
CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge

CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge

Commercial Capable. Indoor and Outdoor Use.
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Exterior Material
Purchase Options

Only Half Payment is Due Now.

You will get 5% discount when you select "Pay in full" as your payment option

Shipping is not included in MSRP.

Shipping is a pass through expense billed at the time your BlueCube is built.

Types of Shipping

You have three options when it comes to receiving your BlueCube:

1. Curbside Freight

Shipped to your driveway.
Your BlueCube comes in a crate.
You can unbox with a screwgun and place into position.

We recommend having a team of 4 people with dollies.

You may be able to get away with two (if you lift each side onto dollies.

2. White Glove Install

BlueCube's in house team delivers and installs your cold plunge on sight. You are walked through how to turn it on, maintain your BlueCube.

3. Set Up Freight / Come Pick Up Your BlueCube!

We crate your BlueCube and you arrange for LTL services.

You can also pick up your BlueCube and trailer it away!

CoreChill³ Elite Cold Plunge Features

 3 Speed Therapy Pump

The only low to high flow Cold Plunge.
Disrupt Your Thermal BarrierÔäó
Experience pinnacle cold therapyÔäó
every session, specific to your preference.

Full Immersion 5.5 or 6 ft. Tubs Available

Cold plunge up to your neck and fully submerge your head with ease.

Weatherproof Frame

Line-X® wooden frame is weatherproof, durable, and anti-vibration.
Commercial Capable Cold PlungeÔäó

5 Year Standard Warranty

Frame, tub, electrical, and plumbing
Extended warranties* Available based on use

Download Warranty Sheet


Cold and Clean Water

Chilling Motor:   1 HP Commercial Chiller with Japanese Compressors

Filtration:            20 Micron Filter Cartridge

Sanitation:          Ozone for Chemical Free Experience

Pipes:                  1.5" Spa PVC for Maximum Flow

Temp Range:      37°- 70°


Fast and Simple Maintenance

Quickly change filters, drain, and refill tub.
Easily access internal components.

Electrical Requirements

120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet

Dimensions (Total Footprint) 

Elite 66: (LWH) 73" x 49" x 29"
Elite 72: (LWH)  79" x 49" x 29"

Tub Dimensions

Elite 66: (LWH) 66" x 24" x 22"
Elite 72: (LWH) 72" x 24" x 22"

  • Adjustable Flow Rate

Low, Medium, High Flow Rate
for a customized cold plunge experience.

No other cold plunge company offers variable flow rate.

Disrupt your thermal barrierÔäó.

Highest flow rate in the market.

Direct Cold Hydro DoseÔäó.

The only cold plunge with flow directed at you for pinnacle cold exposure therapy.

  • American Made Frame and Components

No other company makes their frames in-house, from the ground up!

  • Ergonomic Tub

Easy entry and exit (access)
Set and rest position
304 Stainless Steel 14 gauge

  • Full Immersion (largest tubs)

No one else builds are large as well do.

  • Weatherproof Exterior

American made, Linex exterior gives you cold plunge protection through all seasons.

Curbside Freight Delivery is included in your purchase:

  • What to Expect:

Your BlueCube arrives securely crated at your driveway.

  • Unboxing:

A screwdriver is all you'll need for unboxing.

  • Positioning:

For optimal placement, we suggest a team of four with dollies. However, a pair might manage by gently lifting each side onto dollies.

2. White Glove Installation Service ($2,000 additional fee):

  • Turnkey Solution: Our specialized team manages delivery, positioning, and installation.
  • Guided Walkthrough: We'll ensure you're adept with setup and maintenance, walking you through every step.

3. Self Arrange/Pick-Up:

  • Ready to Go: We'll have your BlueCube crated and set for collection.

  • Flexibility: Choose your preferred Less Than Truckload (LTL) service or personally come to collect and trailer your unit.

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BlueCube CoreChill┬│ Elite Cold Plunge Tub Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Product Features


Water temperatures can run between 36┬░- 60┬░F.

The same drop of water doesn't touch you twice without recirculating. It feels like a winter stream. Your body temperature has zero effect on the water. 

As of right now, ice bath means cold water immersion with or without ice that is less than 40°F. It is the popular term used to indicate extreme cold immersion experience. 

There are many terms currently used to describe cold immersion therapy:

Ice bath, cold plunge, cold tub, cold spa take your pick.  

Cold immersion therapy = less than 60┬░F

BlueCube's temperature can modulate within this range to meet your needs. 

We designed our BlueCube ice baths to be reliable with simple maintenance: 

Highest quality industry standard parts. Easy filter replacement. No expensive mechanics

For daily personal use, replace filters once per month. 

For commercial use, ~100 daily plunges, replace filters 2-3 times per week. 

We also recommend replacing the water at least once per month. 

At higher uses, once per week, twice per week. 

To make filters last longer, shower / rinse prior to entering the ice bath. 

Most of the need to replace filters, drain water, comes from body oils and hair. 

Linex Weatherproof Exterior

If you are buying a CoreChill with Linex Exterior, then you don't need to worry about maintenance.

Simply spray down wish a high pressure hose. Then rub with Armor All across the exterior.

Wood Deck

If your order includes a wood deck, then you will need to rub with deck with teak / tung oil every month to 6 months depending on your volume use.

If you place your CoreChill Hybrid Cold Plunge outside, then you will need to wipe down with teak / tung oil more frequently.

Linex Weatherproof Exterior

Your BlueCube Ice Bath can live inside or outside

Wooden Decks


Direct sunlight damages all products, all surfaces and materials.

If you place your ice bath in the shade and adhere to the maintenance schedule, then your warranty will be honored. 

If you place your ice bath in direct sun, you will not be covered by warranty. 

We will provide a cover similar to car covers; this is placed when not in use. 

Customer acknowledges that no refund or return is offered on Custom BlueCube Mini-Me, In-Line 54, In-Line 60, Malibu 66 & 72, or any other custom builds. BlueCube takes great pride in our products and will repair or replace any units that are not functioning properly. 

For standard BlueCubes and CoreChills there is a 25% restocking fee if your order is canceled. 

After receiving a standard BlueCube or CoreChill, you have 30 days for a refund, net 25% restocking fee + shipping expenses. 


Your BlueCube Ice Bath is constantly filtering the water through a 20-micron filter, the type often used to purify drinking water, and O3 (ozone) technology. O3 is a powerful and natural disinfectant and oxidizer. Together, the filter and O3 system keep your BlueCube water fresh and clean, without using chemicals.

Your BlueCube comes raised and with a bottom drain. 

You can drain the entire ice bath in 15 minutes. Bottom drain attaches to a garden hose for easy out. 

Just refill it (~15 min depending on water pressure) and give it time to reach the desired temperature setting, and you're good to go!

Frame Size

(LWH) 73" x 49" x 32" inches

(LWH) 79" x 49" x 32" inches

Tub Sizes

(LWH) 66" x 24" x 22" inches

(LWH) 72" x 24" x 22" inches

Electric Upgrade

You will need:

120 V 20 Amp Dedicated GFCI Outlet

The BlueCube plugs into a standard 120 V outlet and uses less than 20 amps regular power use, less than a small refrigerator. It works hard bringing down the water temperature, but is extremely efficient at keeping that temperature.

The water cools at 8┬░- 111┬░F degrees per hour. It can then run steady at that temperature 24/7, making it convenient to ice bath at any time.

CoreChill┬│ Elite Custom Colors

Make Your Cold Plunge Tub Remarkable!

See all the custom colors available!