Water temperatures can run between 36°- 60°F.The same drop of water doesn't touch you twice without recirculating. It feels like a winter stream. Your body temperature has zero effect on the water.

As of right now, ice bath means cold water immersion with or without ice that is less than 40°F. It is the popular term used to indicate extreme cold immersion experience. There are many terms currently used to describe cold immersion therapy:Ice bath, cold plunge, cold tub, cold spa take your pick.  Cold immersion therapy = less than 60°FBlueCube's temperature can modulate within this range to meet your needs.

  • We designed our BlueCube ice baths to be reliable with simple maintenance:
  • Highest quality industry standard parts
  • Easy filter replacement
  • No expensive mechanics

For daily personal use , replace filters once per month. For commercial use, ~100 daily plunges, replace filters 2-3 times per week. We also recommend replacing the water at least once per month. At higher uses, once per week, twice per week. To make filters last longer, shower / rinse prior to entering the ice bath. Most of the need to replace filters, drain water, comes from body oils and hair.

  • Your BlueCube Ice Bath is a living, breathing unit.

    It is made of Hickory, Padauk, and Wenge—some of the finest woods found on earth.

    It is coated in boat varnish and built to last, IF YOU BABY IT EVERY NOW AND THEN!

    Like all woods, your ice bath requires love. All that is required of you:

    Every 6 months, rub down deck and exterior of the ice bath in tung oil.

    Just like maintenance on your car (oil, tires, etc.), following this maintenance schedule for your ice bath will ensure longevity and hassle free use.

    For your warranty to be honored, YOU MUST adhere to this schedule with photo /video documentation.

    If you adhere to this schedule, not only do you have a five your warranty—there is no reason why this can't last 10+ years.

    In addition, changing filters and water based on your use to ensure longevity of components. 

Your BlueCube Ice Bath can live inside or outside.If outdoors, IT MUST BE IN THE SHADE! Direct sunlight damages all products, all surfaces and materials.If you place your ice bath in the shade and adhere to the maintenance schedule, then your warranty will be honored. If you place your ice bath in direct sun, you will not be covered by warranty. We will provide a cover similar to car covers; this is placed when not in use.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee return policy. There is a 10% restocking fee plus the cost of return shipping.

Your BlueCube comes raised and with a bottom drain. You can drain the entire ice bath in 15 minutes. Bottom drain attaches to a garden hose for easy out. Just refill it (~15 min depending on water pressure) and give it time to reach the desired temperature setting, and you're good to go!

The BlueCube plugs into a standard 120 V outlet and uses 10 amps regular power use, less than a small refrigerator. It works hard bringing down the water temperature, but is extremely efficient at keeping that temperature.

The water cools at 11°- 13°F degrees per hour. It can then run steady at that temperature 24/7, making it convenient to ice bath at any time.

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