BlueCube Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Product Features, Operation, Maintenance

BlueCube's temperature setting can be adjusted between 37-70 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you complete control over your cold plunge experience.

Yes, with the 3-Speed Variable Rate Flow System, you can adjust the flow rate during use to self-titrate not only around temperature but thermal layer disruption as well.

Otherwise, without the 3 speed, your BlueCube comes standard with high flow rate for maximum adaption and benefits.

Yes, the temperature of a BlueCube can be adjusted between 37-70 degrees Fahrenheit (2.77-21 degrees C) while in use, allowing for a fully customizable cold plunge experience.

The size and dimensions of the BlueCube depend on the model. Please refer to our menu bar Baths drop down for specific dimensions for each model.

All BlueCubes requires a 120V 20 Amp Dedicated GFCI outlet.

Your BlueCube can be placed inside or outside.

Your BlueCube comes with an insulative spa cover.

If outside, we highly recommend placing your BlueCube in the shade.

If your BlueCube must be in direct sunlight then we recommend buying a CoreChill instead.

CoreChill Product Page

Direct sunlight damages all products, all surfaces and materials. If you place your ice bath in the shade and adhere to the maintenance schedule, then your warranty will be honored. If you place your BlueCube in direct sun, you will not be covered by warranty.

Your BlueCube comes raised and with a bottom drain. You can drain the entire ice bath in 15 minutes. Bottom drain attaches to a garden hose for easy out. Just refill it (~15 min depending on water pressure) and give it time to reach the desired temperature setting, and you're good to go!

The BlueCube plugs into a standard 120 V outlet and uses ~13 amps regular power use. It works hard bringing down the water temperature, but is extremely efficient at keeping that temperature.

The 20 amp dedicated line is to ensure your breaker doesn't trip from the initial amp draw.

The water cools at 11°- 13°F degrees per hour. It can then run steady at that temperature 24/7, making it convenient to ice bath at any time.

We recommend changing the water every 3-4 weeks minimum if you are plunging every day for residential use.

If you are a commercial center, you may need to change water daily / weekly based on your use.

To extend the time between water changes, ensure that you are rinsing off prior to entering your BlueCube. This is especially important if you are using a sauna or exercising. Going directly from sauna into the BlueCube will require more water changes.

If you are a commercial center, demand that every one of your patron rinses after sauna or exercise prior to entering your BlueCube.

No, everything you need to use your BlueCube is included.

We recommend setting up your electrical to 120 v 20 amp dedicated GFCI outlet prior to your BlueCube arriving.

Purchase, Shipping, and Installation

It is recommended to have a 4-6 person team to help with your BlueCube placement. BlueCubes come fully assembled.

You can also elect for white glove service. We place and install your BlueCube without you needing to hire movers. This is available for an additional fee.

Yes, but remember that the BlueCube is heavy, especially when filled with water, and requires a sturdy surface. If you're unsure, it's always a good idea to consult a structural engineer or a professional installer.

Water weights roughly 8lbs per gallon. Some BlueCubes hold as much as 120+ gallons, if not substantially more (multi-seaters and stand up units).

1. Send a video of the move to us from curbside to BlueCube placement

Going up stairs, in narrow hallways, will complicate final placement.

2. Dollies, 4-6 people, crane if necessary

Review if you need additional people or even a crane to successfully move your cold plunge into final position.

3. Ensure your electrical is set up

Your BlueCube will need a 120 v 20 amp dedicated GFCI outlet.

Make sure you have an electrician prepare this for you prior to receiving your BlueCube.

4. Industrial Garden Hose

For faster fill up times, make sure to buy an industrial garden hose and ensure you have adequate water preassure.

5. Transfer Pump

To quickly train your unit, we recommend purchasing a transfer pump. With a quality transfer pump you can drain you BlueCube in 10 minutes.

Yes. BlueCubes come with leveling feet that you can adjust.

Prior to placing in position, we recommend screwing the feet to the bottom of the unit. This can be accomplished through resting the BlueCube on dollies.

Shipping costs depend on the model and location. Curbside freight delivery is estimated at $1,000-$2,000, while the white glove service costs between $4,000-$6,000.

12- 16 weeks not including shipping time.

Our lead times are getting faster. Please ask us upon ordering.

Shipping lead time typically takes ~1-2 weeks.

Customer Service, Aftercare, Warranty Details

You can contact us directly at
541-393-9149 or send an email to

1. We have customer support technicians that can help you troubleshoot.

2. We can enroll local hot tub technicians to service you. We use spa industry standard parts and builds.

3. We can fly out to service units ourselves.

In other words, we got your covered!

Yes! Your BlueCube is built with spa industry standard pump and components. This ensures your BlueCube will remain operational for years to come.

If you experience any issues you are a dropship and service away from your BlueCube working!

BlueCube deck and frames need to be rubbed with teak / tung oil every month / every 6 months depending on its placement.

This is no different than maintaining high end wood furniture and boat decks.

If you place the unit outside, in a humid environment, or in a commercial setting with high volume, then we recommend rubbing your BlueCube with oil every month to maintain the frame in optimal condition.

If placed inside and experiencing low volume / residential use , then rubbing with teak or tung oil does not need to occur as often to maintain optimal condition.

To ensure your warranty is covered, please video yourself / have your maintenance team send us videos of rubbing your BlueCube with teak or tung oil. This can be done with a rag.

5 Years zero maintenance

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

18 month manufacturing warranty on Chilling Motor and pumps.

Unions make component swaps simple. Any hot tub technician, plumber, handyman will be able to set in a new component.