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CoreChill Cold Plunge Tubs can complete your home or business, patio or interior rooms.

CoreChill Cold Plunge Tubs

when Cold Gets Colorful
Cold Plunges and Ice Baths for Your Cold Exposure Needs In a Variety of Colors

CoreChill Cold Plunges
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when Cold Gets Colorful
Malibu Cold Plunge Tub Linex Exterior Comes in 4 different colors. You can even choose among custom colors.

Malibu Cold Plunge

66" Cold Tub
In-Line 60 Cold Plunge by BlueCube offers a 5 ft stainless steel tub for full submerssive experience

In-Line 60 Cold Plunge

60" Cold Tub

When it comes to cold plunge tubs, do you value:

Pinnacle Cold Exposure Therapy Every Plunge

Quality Components and Design Built to Last

American Made Handcrafted with Love

Then BlueCube is your only option for residential and commercial cold plunges.

Most cold plunges are a joke. They're unreliable, inefficient, and break down. You're lucky if they last the year.

That's where we come in. We at BlueCube don't cut corners when it comes to your cold plunge builds.

While some people splurge on expensive coffee machines and watches, we believe your cold exposure routine deserves a better investment.

For your cold plunge tub, you can choose between weatherproof exterior or full wood models. Our cold tubs are made of 304, 14 gauge stainless steel that can stop a 22 round shot directly at it.

Don't get stuck with a cold plunge that is a hassle to maintain with no customer support. Don't step over dollars to pick up pennies and be stuck with broken equipment and cold showers and ice baths for your routine.

Invest in your health with a quality build that ensures you maximize your health benefits every day from pinnacle cold exposure therapy.

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BlueCube is the Only Commercial Capable Cold Plunge

You deserve the best cold exposure therapy every session.

Whether for your wellness center or home, your BlueCube provides hassle-free, reliable, commercial grade cold therapy.

Maximize your cold adaptive response and cascading health benefits with the coldest, highest flow cold plunge available.


BlueCube is Simply the Best Tool For Cold Exposure Therapy

1. Highest Flow Rate Cold Plunge

2. Ergonomic design

3. Accessible

4. Comes fully assembled

5. Easy Drain and Refill

6. Gets to temperature fast and stays there

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BlueCube Cold Plunge Tubs
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BlueCube Cold Plunge Testimonials and Reviews


Thank you to @bluecubebaths for the cold plunge!

Joe Rogan received two BlueCube Cold Plunge Tubs from BlueCube.
Joe Rogan

Austin, TX


"The main thing my clients love about our BlueCube ice bath—it's always cold, always clean. We need water to stay cold and clean given our high volume. BueCube stepped up to the challenge and delivered.

Michael Roviello

Owner of Optimyze Wellness Center


"Our members look forward to Saturday morning cold plunges in our BlueCube. We can run 13 people back to back no problem."

Nicole_Olney_BlueCube_Cold Plunge Tub Testimonial
Nicole Olney

Owner at V2 Physio and Wellness.


"As a biohacker and health optimizer, I believe the science is clear: cold exposure therapy is a pillar of health. BlueCube makes my routine hassle free to follow from home. No bags of ice, no set up times.."

Phillip_BlueCube_Cold Plunge Tub Testimonial
Phillip Levasseur

Biohacker and Health Enthusiast