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BlueCube Cold Plunge Tub Testimonials and Reviews

From commercial centers running 100s of people through cold plunges per day, to celebrities who have experience with ice baths and cryotherapy, BlueCube has customers across commercial and residential use cases.

Joe Rogan and Andrew Huberman on BlueCube and Cold Exposure

BlueCube Jocko Willink Victory MMA Cold Exposure Therapy Cold Plunges

Jocko Victory MMA GYM

Dean Lister BlueCube Ice Bath

Dean Lister Brazilian JJ Champion

Jocko Willink Cold Plunge

Jocko Testimonial on Twitter

Optimyze Wellness Center

Sauna House uses BlueCube Ice Bath and Cold Plunges

Sauna House

Primal Pride has two BlueCube Ice Baths and Cold Plunges.

Primal Pride

Kuya uses a BlueCube Ice Bath and Cold Plunge

Kuya Life

Legacy uses a BlueCube Ice Bath and Cold Plunge.

Legacy Fit

Victory MMA uses a BlueCube Cold Plunge and Ice Bath

Victory MMA

Archetype Health Uses a Cold Plunge and Ice Bath.


Aim Performance uses a ice bath and cold plunge.

Aim Performance

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Optimyze BlueCube Cold Plunge Tub

Residential BlueCube Cold Plunge Reviews

BlueCube Cold Plunges: High Flow Rate, Simple Maintenance, Durable and Reliable.

High flow rate means 1400+ gallons per minute circulation and air jet pump. Nearly 2 horsepower of force in our ice baths. No need for "micro movements" to increase your cold exposure intensity. Thermal barriers are completely disrupted from a highly charged, center mass outlet—direct hydro dose to your core.

This creates an optimal cold exposure experience for your patrons. It feels like being in the Arctic Ocean.

Simple maintainance means drain and refill the unit in less than 30 minutes. Nearly zero downtime. Wash and rinse 20 micron filters multiple times before replacing.

If you run a wellness spa, gym, hotel, luxury resort, chiropractor center, cryo center, then this cold plunge is for you.

Our cold plunge tubs are:

1. Ergonomically designed

2. Easily accessible (28.5 inch height)

3. Delivered fully assembled

4. Can plug into 120 V outlet 25 dedicated amp

Cold Plunges can help you overcome procrastination and increase your motivation.

Dr. Andrew Huberman shares key ways to increase your dopamine baseline, which consequently increases your motivation to engage in hard activities. One of those methods is Cold Plunging.

Cold Plunges Increase Your Dopamine Baseline
cold plunges and ice baths can boost your mood and eliminate anxiety, demonstrating the power of cold exposure therapy.

Cold Therapy in a Cold Plunge Can Eliminate Anxiety and Depression.

Cold exposure therapy may be even more therapeutic and visceral than Psilocybin (mushroom) treatment.

Cold Plunges Help with Anxiety and Depression

Cold Plunges are 20x more effcient than Cryotherapy Machines at transfering heat from your body.

In a cold plunge, the water molecules are all touching vs. a cryotherapy machine which experiences gaps in air molecules (thermal transfer friction).

Cold Plunge Tubs vs. Cryotherapy Machines

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