The BlueCube Founder Story

The Birth of BlueCube Baths:
Why We Made the Hydro Healer

In 2019, our founder Thomas Schiffer discovered the power of cold immersion therapy. For decades he suffered from severe anxiety. Like many, he was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. This helped him deal with his hectic lifestyle: managing three restaurants he created in Los Angeles, real estate investments, and raising a family.

He wanted a way out from his anxiety and prescribed medications. After years of exploring every tip and trick in the book, he stumbled upon cold showers and ice bathing. This was a game changer for his anxiety and allowed him to get off his prescribed medication.

The BlueCube team showing off the building process

After building tolerance to cold showers and ice bathing, he wanted something more aggressive. He was in the market for an “ice bath”—a device that would allow him to immerse in freezing water without the need for prep times. He explored the market and was frustrated by the products he saw.  

With 30 years of restaurant management experience, he was intimately familiar with freezers, refrigerator, HVAC, and air conditioning durability and components. This background allowed him to see the flaws in design of existing companies: ice and filtration systems don’t mix well, water circulation capacity issues, wear and tear of exposed parts. Due to his obsessive nature, Thomas decided buying a unit would not suffice his needs—he needed to create one.

Founder, Zack Parsley prepares the ice bath for testing

Thomas moved to Central Oregon to continue seeing his kids and be close to their mother. Serendipitously, he came into contact with two brilliant technical fabricators—Kyle Wilson and Zach Parsley. Kyle and Zach already established a thriving Keg Washing business and had expertise in fluid dynamics, filtration, water pressure, and piping. The three of them came to together right during the major outbreak of Covid 2020. It was at this time in Bend / Redmond Oregon that BlueCube was born.

Founder, Kyle Wilson on Electrical Integration

After a year and a half of product development, stress testing different cooling motors, filtration systems, tubes, and frame material, they built an ice bath that they are proud of: the Hydro Healer.

As for me, David Haddad, I knew Thomas for several years back in Los Angeles. He was aware of my biohacking obsession that began in my late twenties.

CEO, David Haddad

After college, my brother and I found ourselves gaining weight year after year managing our careers while maintaining antiquated health and fitness habits. I was eating six plus meals per day; I was lifting heavy weights exclusively. This strategy worked well in college but years later backfired. I found myself 40 pounds overweight. I am a small frame guy. My fat builds up in my face and my stomach. I found myself spiraling out of control—late nights and early mornings and using food for comfort was my way of balancing full-time job and getting my MBA simultaneously.

Then, my brother and I caught a lucky break. After a four-year relationship, my brother’s girlfriend broke up with him, and upon leaving him said “You let yourself go.” This caused my brother to drop his old habits and search for answers in how to address his weight. After watching Dr. Ronda Patrick on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he decided to try intermittent fasting. I thought he was crazy. But three months later he had dropped over 30 pounds and was in better shape than me for the first time in his life. After seeing his results, I dropped my ego, my dogmas, and embraced intermittent fasting. This practice led me to go down the biohacking rabbit hole.

Chuckie can last 8 minutes in our Hydro Healer while smiling and acting normal.

I went from intermittent fasting to circuit training, micronutrient optimization, sauna use, to cold immersion therapy. I became obsessed with cold showers after listening to Wim Hof on a podcast. After building tolerance to cold showers I explored ice tubs. The immediate problem I encountered was set up times—20+ minutes of my morning just prepping the tub to plunge. I found myself frustrated that I couldn’t incorporate this in my morning in addition to working out, and settled for just taking cold showers.

Thomas told me for months about his new project, and when he completed the Hydro Healer I flew out to visit. My mind was blown. I knew these three founders were onto something special and decided right there and then to join their team. I felt like a fan joining their favorite band.

Please feel free to call me at anytime at 818-635-8030. We believe in getting to know each of our customers on a personal level. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Best regards,

David Haddad
CEO, BlueCube

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