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From $347 /Mo¹

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 54" (4.5 ft) stainless steel tub

  • Robust filtration and sanitation

  • For individuals under 6'0"

  • White, Black, Grey Color Options

Financing Option Available through Shop Pay.

Mini Cold Plunge tubs side by side white, black, and grey. Variation of the CoreChill 1 cold plunge.
CoreChill 1 cold plunge tub placed indoors for home use
CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub
CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub
CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub
CoreChill³ Cold plunge tub has Line-X weatherproof exterior in all colors
CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub
CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub

CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub

Regular price$9,999.99
Tub Size
Chilling Motor
4-6 Week Lead Time
54" Mini Tub for individuals under 6'0"
60" Tub for individuals under 6'5"

Commercial Capable Cold Plungesâ„¢
All of our shipping is done in house by military veterans and technical specialists. We also provide white glove delivery as an option, which includes shipping, final placement, starting your unit, and live training. No other cold plunge tub company does this.
  • Full Immersion 5.0 Ft. Tub

Cold plunge up to your neck and fully submerge your head with ease.

  • Weatherproof Frame

Line-X wooden frame is weatherproof, durable, and anti-vibration.

  • 1 HP Chilling Motor: 

Commercial Chiller with Japanese Compressors

  • Filtration:

20 Micron Filter Cartridge

  • Sanitation:

Ozone for Chemical Free Experience

  • Pipes:

1.5" Spa PVC for Maximum Flow

  • Temp Range:

37°- 70°

  • Chlorine and Bromine Capable:

3 PPM, low dose

  • Fast and Simple Maintenance

Quickly change filters, drain, and refill tub.

Easily access internal components.

  • Electrical Requirements

120 V 20 Amp Dedicated Outlet

  • Dimensions (Total Footprint) 

(LWH) 92.5" x 37.5" x 29"

  • Tub Dimensions

(LWH) 60" x 24" x 22"

Curbside Freight Delivery:

  • What to Expect:

Your BlueCube arrives securely crated at your driveway.

  • Unboxing:

A screwdriver is all you'll need for unboxing.

  • Positioning:

For optimal placement, we suggest a team of four with dollies. However, a pair might manage by gently lifting each side onto dollies.

2. White Glove Delivery:

  • Turnkey Solution: Our specialized team manages delivery and final placement.
  • Guided Walkthrough: We'll ensure you're adept with setup and maintenance, walking you through every step.

3. Self Arrange/Pick-Up:

  • Ready to Go: We'll have your BlueCube crated and set for collection.

  • Flexibility: Choose your preferred Less Than Truckload (LTL) service or personally come to collect and trailer your unit.

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Commerical Grade Cold Plunge for Your Home
  • Superior filtration and sanitation vs. competitors

  • High volume back-to-back plunges

  • Quality components built to last

  • Weatherproof exterior

  • 5 Year Warranty on frame, electrical, and components

If You Value Pinnacle Cold Exposure and American Made

The Exemplar Cold Plunge Brand
CoreChill Cold Plunge is the Perfect Size for Any Height

Experience full immersion cold therapy every session.

CoreChill³ Cold Plunge Tub Dimensions length width and height.
CoreChill¹ Cold Plunge Tub Plugs into Standard 15 Amp Outlet.

The CoreChill¹ is designed for robustness and easily plugs into any standard outlet.

Experience less than 60 decibels of noise.

CoreChill cold-plunge tub with woman model in backyard

Ergonomic Cold Plunge Tub

Easy entry and exit. Set and Rest Position for Cold Therapy.

BlueCube Unique Product Features


WeatherProof Frame

Element-proof exterior coating.

cold plunge tub filtration and ozone for BlueCube

Micron Filtration and Ozone

Keeps your water clean and sanitized.

cold plunge tub temperature control on a BlueCube CoreChill

Temperature Control

Titrate your BlueCube across the entire cold exposure spectrum.

live technical support for your cold plunge tub

Live Video Support

We are here to support you if you have any questions on set up.

BlueCube cold plunge tubs come fully assembled

Delivered Fully Assembled

Fill it up. Plug it in. Set Temp. Plunge.
No down times or long set up.

easily drain and change filters with your bluecube cold plunge tub

Easy Maintainance

Easily drain the water and change filters.

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