Cold Plunge Near Me

Find a BlueCube Cold Plunge Near You

Experience pinnacle cold exposure therapy at a commercial center that has a BlueCube.

Most of our commercial clients also have a sauna, allowing you to self-titrate your contrast experience.

You can enlarge the map to the left and select a location to get their contact details and directions.

If you are interested in purchasing a BlueCube cold plunge and wish to try one out before purchase we can arrange your visit to be free at any of our commercial partners!

If You are Near Oregon, Come Visit us and Cold Plunge!

Even if you are not located near Central Oregon, you can easily fly into Redmond Airport (RDM) and visit our headquarters.

Experience a full contrast session with a cold plunge and sauna. Low, medium, and high flow rates available!

Bring your bathing suit, towel, and sandles!


Cold Plunge Commercial Centers Near You

There are gyms and wellness centers that experience 100s of cold plunges per day in their BlueCubes. They have thriving communities of members and are equipped with both cold plunges and saunas for contrast therapy!