Cold Plunge Pool & Plunges

Custom Built to your heart's desire

Let's Build the Custom Cold Plunge Pool of Your Dreams!

At BlueCube, we build toes to nose in house, in the United States. This gives us complete control over your cold plunge pool build, and allows us to customize to your exact specification.

If you value pinnacle cold exposure therapy and durability, then we are your only option!

  1. Multi-seater cold plunge pools
  2. All wood cold plunges
  3. Tubs of any size
  4. For indoor or outdoor use
  5. Chlorine drip systems (optional)

Craftsmanship is Our Technologyâ„¢

Cold Plunges made with love in Central Oregon

Stand Up Cold Plunge Pool

If you prefer a stand up cold immersion experience, ask about our stand up cold plunges!

cold plunge pool multi-seater with black stainless steel in commercial setting

Multi-Seater Plunges

We can build multi-seater cold plunge pools for your residence or commercial facility.


Custom All Hardwood

If you want an all hardwood cold plunge,
we got your covered!

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If you are not interested in pinnacle cold exposure therapy, that's fine!

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