CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge

CoreChill³ Cold Plunge

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Exterior Material
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CoreChill³ Cold Plunge Features

 3 Speed Therapy Pump

The only low to high flow Cold Plunge.
Disrupt Your Thermal Barrier‚ĄĘ
Experience pinnacle cold therapy‚ĄĘ
every session, specific to your preference.

Full Immersion 5.0 Ft. Tubs Available

Cold plunge up to your neck and fully submerge your head with ease.

Weatherproof Frame

Linexed wooden frame is weatherproof, durable, and anti-vibration.
Commercial Capable Cold Plunge‚ĄĘ

5 Year Standard Warranty

Frame, tub, electrical, and plumbing
Extended warranties* Available based on use

Download Warranty Sheet


Cold and Clean Water

Chilling Motor:   1 HP Commercial Chiller with Japanese Compressors

Filtration:            20 Micron Filter Cartridge

Sanitation:          Ozone for Chemical Free Experience

Pipes:                  1.5" Spa PVC for Maximum Flow

Temp Range:¬† ¬† ¬†¬†36¬į- 70¬į


Fast and Simple Maintenance

Quickly change filters, drain, and refill tub.
Easily access internal components.

Electrical Requirements

120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet

Dimensions (Total Footprint) 

(LWH) 92.5" x 39" x 29"

Tub Dimensions

(LWH) 60" x 24" x 22"

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Disrupt your thermal barrier‚ĄĘ with the the only cold plunge in the industry that provides a variable flow rate feature. Our Direct Cold Hydro Dose‚ĄĘ technology makes bluecube the only cold plunge that directs the flow of water towards you, while allowing you to select from Low, Medium, or High Flow Rate for the ultimate personalized cold exposure therapy experience.

Our products are built with an American Made Frame and Components. We take pride in being the only company that manufactures our frames in-house, from scratch.

Our Ergonomic Tub design ensures easy access and a comfortable resting position. It is made from 304 Stainless Steel of 14 gauge.

We offer Full Immersion with the largest tubs in the industry. No other company constructs tubs as large as ours.

Our Weatherproof Exterior, made in America, features a Linex exterior that ensures your cold plunge is protected throughout all seasons.

  • Cools to 36¬į- 70¬į degrees
  • Cylindrical washable filter
  • Micron 5 Filter Balls and Ozone¬†
  • Runs 24/7, always ready for you and your family¬†
  • 120 V 20 AMP dedicated electric line
  • 1¬†horsepower chilling motor¬†
  • 3/4 horsepower pump¬†
  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Tub
  • Spa Cover Included (insulative,¬†3 year warranty)

Warranty Information

Electrical Requirements:
120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet

Dimensions (Total Footprint):
(LWH) 92.5" x 39" x 29" 

Tub Dimensions
(LWH) 60" x 24" x 22"

Warranty Information

Important Note: Shipping costs are determined based on your location and are not included in your initial purchase. You'll only be billed for shipping once your unit is ready, and this will be handled separately. Additionally, for those who prefer, we offer the option for self-arranged pickup.

1. Curbside Freight Delivery:

  • What to Expect: Your BlueCube arrives securely crated at your driveway.
  • Unboxing: A screwdriver is all you'll need for unboxing.
  • Positioning: For optimal placement, we suggest a team of four with dollies. However, a pair might manage by gently lifting each side onto dollies.

2. White Glove Installation Service:

  • Turnkey Solution: Our specialized team manages delivery, positioning, and installation.
  • Guided Walkthrough: We'll ensure you're adept with setup and maintenance, walking you through every step.

3. Self Arrange/Pick-Up:

  • Ready to Go: We'll have your BlueCube crated and set for collection.
  • Flexibility: Choose your preferred Less Than Truckload (LTL) service or personally come to collect and trailer your unit.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The Only Cold Plunge with Hydro-Jets.

  • 3 Speed System with low, medium, and high flow rates

  • Low flow rate cleans and filters with low noise and is energy efficient

  • Therapy pump provides medium and high flow rate for advanced users
All CoreChill Cold Plunges are Commercial Capable
  • High volume back-to-back plunges

  • Disrupt your thermal barrier
    Low, medium, and high flow rate

  • Weatherproof exterior with Linex


Our cold plunge, with its weatherproof Linex¬ģ exterior and American-made components, ensures robust, year-round protection.


The choice is yours with CoreChill Cold Plunges. They showcase superior craftsmanship that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is durable, crafted from the finest Mahogany, Teak, or Walnut.


Our ergonomic tubs, made from 14 gauge 304 Stainless Steel, provide easy access and comfort. We boast the industry's largest full-immersion tubs, unmatched by any competitor.

If You Value Pinnacle Cold Exposure and American Made.

The Exemplar Cold Plunge Brand
A Cold Plunge that Completes Your Sauna
  • Change temperature and flow rate to keep your body in maximum adaption

  • The perfect complement to saunas for hot and cold exposure / contrast therapy

  • Suitable for all environments.
CoreChill Cold Plunges Complete Your Sauna for Optimal Contrast Therapy
CoreChill³ Cold Plunge is the Perfect Size for Any Height

Even if you are 6'5"+ you can comfortably plunge full submersion up to the neck.

If you are 6'3"+ and want to experience full submersion with a head dunk, then we recommend our Malibu Cold Plunge.

CoreChill Cold Plunge Tub Dimensions

WeatherProof Frame

Element-proof exterior coating.

Micron Filtration and Ozone

Keeps your water clean and sanitized.

Temperature Control and High Flow Rate

Disrupt your thermal barrier and self-titrate for pinnacle cold exposure therapy.

Live Video Support

We are here to support you if you have any questions on set up.

Delivered Fully Assembled

Fill it up. Plug it in. Set Temp. Plunge.
No down times or long set up.

Easy Maintainance

Easily drain the water and change filters.

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