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The Hydro Healer is a premium self-contained ice water bath designed for durability and frequent use. It doesn't need ice, nor does it produce it. Instead it uses energy-efficient and tough technology to maintain temperatures as low as 36 degrees, 24/7, for your cold immersion needs. 

The water filters and circulates constantly, ensuring cleanliness and even temperature. You can cold plunge multiple times a day with zero set up time. 

Comes fully assembled. Simply fill it with water, set your temperature, and you are good to go. It takes roughly an hour for every 11-13 degrees drop in temperature.  

Each Hydro Healer is manufactured in-house in the Bend-Redmond region of central Oregon. We are proudly 100% American-built, with all parts sourced in the United States as well. 

Average lead times are 14 days. 

  • Easy entry/exit; no need to squat or bend down to get in
  • Better price and better made than other leading brands
  • No ice need; ice overworks the motor and reduces lifespan
  • Cools water efficiently as low as 36 degrees
  • Runs 24/7, ready whenever you are
  • Built-in thermometer with temp display, easy to adjust
  • Defrost cycles to preserve mechanical life
  • Fits individuals up to 6'5" and 350+ lbs.
  • As efficient as a small refrigerator
  • 10-year warranty with support service to match
  • 30-day money back guarantee (10% restocking and return shipping not included)


  • 14-gauge stainless steel tub
  • 1HP cooling motor
  • 20-micron filter rated for 3,000 gallons
  • 1400 watts/10 amps
  • 69" long x 42" wide x 32" high
  • Weighs about 300 pounds empty
  • O3 (ozone) technology for sanitizing
  • Marine grade plywood; custom walnut and bamboo available for additional charge
  • 120V standard outlet compatible
Expert craftsmanship


Founder Thomas Schiffer was inspired to create BlueCube's Hydro Healer after shopping for his own ice bath solution. He found existing products lacking in design, quality, and guarantees of top-notch construction. So, he decided to build his own. Together with technical geniuses Zach Parsley and Kyle Wilson, they launched BlueCube Baths.


Frequently Asked

What is the Hydro Healer's lowest water temperature?

Our ice water baths can drop to 36 F without the use of ice. For thousands of years, Russians, Scandinavians, Japanese and many other cultures have ice bathed at just-above-freezing temperatures like the Hydro Healer. Ice is not only unnecessary, it causes wear and tear on filtration systems.

If you're new to ice water bathing, we recommend you start at a higher, more comfortable temperature and work your way down. Our models come with a digital temperature display and control system to easily change temperature. And because the Hydro Healer can run 24/7, you can hop in anytime you wish with no prep time, travel or cleanup.

How long does it take to ship? Does it come preassembled?

Our current lead time is 14 days, and shipping generally takes 1-5 business days. We can ship anywhere in the United States.

Your Hydro Healer comes preassembled. All you need to do is fill it with water. With constant filtration and cleaning, you don’t need to drain and refill it ever again. But if you’d like to, the Hydro Healer is equipped with a quick-drain system, a simple foot-operated lever inside the tub that rapidly drains all water.

What does the repair and maintenance support look like?

Our Hydro Healer comes with a standard 10-year warranty. Maintenance support is available anywhere in the United States.

The Hydro Healer filters last up to 6 months and should be replaced base on level of use. We recommend showering beforehand to extend the filter's life. You may want to jump right in after saunas or tough workouts for intense effects and hormetic responses. We get it. This may require more frequent filter changes, about once every 3 months. Check for filter build-up or look for the red filter display light to go on.

Can I place the Hydro Healer outside? Does it come with a cover?

Your Hydro Healer can live inside or outside. If outdoors, we recommend putting it in shade and consistently using the included cover to shield it from debris, reduce energy use in warmer weather, and maximize its lifespan.

What is the return policy?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee return policy. There is a 10% restocking fee plus the cost of return shipping.

How often should I use the ice water bath?

The goal is to make this a daily habit. Keep in mind, everyone has different tolerances to cold immersion. Our recommendation is to build tolerance over time. Start at a temperature slightly beyond your comfort zone. Take your journey slowly.

You will experience compounded benefits over time, in addition to your other health routines. Even just 20 seconds at 39 F degrees is enough to generate significant health benefits — such as a 200-300% increase in norepinephrine and other beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters.

How does the filtration system work?

Your Hydro Healer is constantly filtering the water through a 20-micron filter, the type often used to purify drinking water, and O3 (ozone) technology. O3 is a powerful  but natural disinfectant and oxidizer. Together, the filter and O3 system keep your Hydro Healer water fresh and clean, without using chemicals.

Can I change the water easily?

If you prefer to occasionally drain the water, the Hydro Healer is equipped with a quick-drain system, a simple foot-operated lever inside the tub that rapidly drains all water. Just refill it and give it time to reach the desired temperature setting, and you're good to go!

What is the maximum amount of time I can stay in the Hydro Healer?

There is no maximum — again, it's based on your tolerance. But you should never push yourself beyond the point of shivering significantly after you are done. For many, at two minutes blood may begin moving away from your hands to your core.

Shivering for several minutes after you are done ice bathing is a sign your core body temperature has dropped significantly and that you overexerted yourself. It is better to do fewer minutes and slowly build tolerance.

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty is bumper to bumper on all parts of the machine. The warranty covers the wooden frame, the cooling system, the filtration system, and the stainless steel tub.

How large is the Hydro Healer? How much does it weigh?

The Hydro Healer is:

69 inches / 5.75 feet long
42 inches / 3.5 feet wide
32 inches / 2.67 feet tall

Without water, the unit weighs about 300 lbs.

Do you offer custom designs for the Hydro Healer?

Yes we offer custom designs for the Hydro Healer, including wood options such as walnut and bamboo. Custom designs are built in-house for an additional charge. Contact us for details.

How much energy does the Hydro Healer use?

The Hydro Healer plugs into a standard 120 V outlet and uses 10 amps regular power use, less than a small refrigerator. It works hard bringing down the water temperature, but is extremely efficient at keeping that temperature.

How long does the water take to cool down?

The water cools at 11-13 F degrees per hour. It can then run steady at that temperature 24/7, making it convenient to ice water bathe at any time.

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