HYDRO HEALER VERSUS the morozko PRIsm Forge

The Hydro Healer has a superior warranty, stainless steel, larger tub size, a better cooling system (longer lasting, not overclocked), and better drainage than Morozko Prism Forge, offered at a lower cost. More value and requires much less maintenance overall.

The Prism Forge is shallow (hard to fully plunge), builds ice on the bottom that requires chisel and hammer to bang out (set up times), and customers have complained about heavy maintenance (one chiropractor claims it required four servicing sessions first year of ownership, replacing nearly every component).

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Morozko Prism forge


5, 10 Years

5 Years





14 Gauge Stainless Steel

16 Gauge Stainless Steel

Tub Size

(LWH) 66" x 23 1/2" x 24"

60", 66", or 72" Long*

Lowest Temperature

36° [33° no ice]*

32-33° [with ice]**

Cooling System

1 HP Cooler

Overclocked Compressors


Ozone + Micron 20 Filter

Ozone + Microfiltration


350 LBS



Treated Birch Siding Hickory Hard
Wood Deck and Trim

Marine Grade Plywood Boat Varnish

commercial / heavy use


* Water can go as low as 33° Fahrenheit at full power.


* Width and depth not stated on site. Hard to fully submerge. Shallow. **Ice breaking with hammer and chisel required, premature wear and tear.



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Expert craftsmanship


Founder Thomas Schiffer was inspired to create BlueCube's Hydro Healer after shopping for his own ice bath solution. He found existing products lacking in design, quality, and guarantees of top-notch construction. So, he decided to build his own. Together with technical geniuses Zach Parsley and Kyle Wilson, they launched BlueCube Baths.

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