September 23, 2021

The pains of Traditional Ice Baths

The pains of Traditional Ice Baths


Think about it. If the whole point is to chill out, how does preparing your traditional ice bath help you get there? Add up the multiple trips to the freezer or convenience store, hauling the ice to the tub, then cleaning it all up after can eat precious minutes out of your busy day and dollars from your wallet. Ever say, "ah, forget it, it's just too much trouble"? Thought so.

Temperature Changes

Take a nice, ice-filled tub and add a 98.6-degree human to it and while the human cools, the ice melts and the water temp starts rising. Of course the ice will melt. Of course the water will have inconsistent temperature. Unless you've got a chest freezer at arm's length, and we're guessing you don't, those fluctuations mean you're not getting the full benefits of a constant 36-degree ice bath that doesn't waver, no matter how hot you are.

Less Effective

A bathtub loaded with ice, and a cryotherapy chamber just can't compete with a dedicated product whose only mission is to offer a convenient, time-saving ice bath. The Hydro Healer even has a filtration system so others can use it, one after the other, without the need to change the water. Commit to the best you that you can be and get the Hydro Healer today.

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