CoreChill Cold Plunge made by BlueCube for residential cold exposure therapy.

CoreChill Cold Plunge

River Inspired Cold Therapy

Cold Plunges For
Commercial and
Residential Use

Pinnacle cold exposure therapy

In-Line 50 Cold Plunge

Commercial Capable Cold Therapy
BlueCube Malibu 56 Cold Plunge Full Size tub that can fit individuals tall individuals 6'5"+ up to the neck

Malibu 56 Cold Plunge

Full Submersion Cold Therapy

The Highest Flow Rate Cold Plunges and Ice Baths to Disrupt Your Thermal Barrier.

Your cold exposure dose is determined by temperature and flow rate.

Maximize your cold adaptive response and cascading health benefits with the coldest, highest flow cold plunge available.

Temperature control 36°-60° gives you the flexibility to self-titrate.

Cold Plunges to complete and complement gyms, spas, and saunas in your home or business.

Ice baths designed for any use: individual, family, group use, or professional facilities.

Joe Rogan and Andrew Huberman Discuss BlueCube Ice Baths and Thermal Barrier

Jocko Willink Victory MMA GYM Testimonial

Dean Lister BlueCube Ice Bath

Dean Lister

BJJ black belt 3X ADCC world champion. King of the Cage world Champion. Former Pride FC and UFC MMA fighter.

Jocko Willink

With the BlueCube team discussing cold baths and future research and development.

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Joe Rogan tries our BlueCube ice bath!
Joe Rogan

Austin, TX


"The main thing my clients love about our BlueCube ice bath—it's always cold, always clean. We need water to stay cold and clean given our high volume. BueCube stepped up to the challenge and delivered.

Michael Roviello

Owner of Optimyze Wellness Center


"Our members look forward to Saturday morning cold plunges in our BlueCube. We can run 13 people back to back no problem."

Nicole Olney

Owner at V2 Physio and Wellness.


"As a biohacker and health optimizer, I believe the science is clear: cold exposure therapy is a pillar of health. BlueCube makes my routine hassle free to follow from home. No bags of ice, no set up times.."

Phillip Levasseur

Biohacker and Health Enthusiast

The Best, Highest Flow Rate Ice Bath and Cold Plunge

Whether you call it an ice bath, cold plunge, cold bath, cold tub, ice bath tub... cold exposure therapy is here to stay.

We believe that all of these terms mean roughly the same thing—being in cold water below 59° to achieve cascading health benefits.

What makes our ice baths and cold plunges unique?

1. Highest Flow Rate Cold Plunge

Circulation is key to breaking the thermal layer and experiencing true water temperature.

When you enter an ice bath or cold plunge, you begin immediately heating up the water. If you are in still, enclosed water this is especially true. Per second of exposure your body is winning against the cold. This is the equivalent of using momentum to lift free weights. You still gain benefit, but you are in essence cheating yourself of maximum adaption response.

The next best step is having some form of water circulation in your cold plunge. This not only breaks the thermal barrier but keeps newly chilled water fighting your core body temperature.

The absolute best is to have a high flow rate cold plunge that disrupts the thermal barrier entirely. This means there is no escaping the cold, whether you are moving in the water or staying still, and you experience the most adaptive response.

2. Ergonomic design

Designed to feel like a bath tub with back support. Easily brace feet at the end and sides of the tub. Your cold plunge and ice bath experience should not be limited to the fetal position.

A cold plunge with ergonomic design means more physical surface area of your body exposed and the ability to perform a full plunge with head submersion.

3. Accessible

Some ice baths and cold plunges require you to high step into the unit, or they require a raised platform to get in and out of the unit.

No need to squat down. 28.5 inches high all our units for easy access in and out.

4. Comes fully assembled

Fill it up, plug it in, set temp, plunge. Unlike other cold plunges, there is no need for set up.

5. Easy Drain and Refill

Bottom drain valve means you can drain the cold plunge in less than 15 minutes.

6. Gets to temperature fast and stays there

Temperature drops at 11 to 13 degrees per hour. High capacity chilling motors means water stays at temperature, even in 100 degree weather.

7. Insulative spa cover included in order

Your BlueCube comes with a 25 year warranty spa cover.

8. Custom engraving included in order

Put your business, favorite team, family crest, favorite slogan on your ice bath!

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